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Who Runs the Program?

The Seward Bike program is a PTA program run by adult and student volunteers.  Freewheel Bike Shop and the MN Cycling Center donate mechanics and equipment.  Many parents volunteer to help out on rides.  Many of our bikes are donated to us from First Service Residential and FreeBikesForKids.

How Can I Get a Bike?

Talk to Saeed in the office to see if he can give you a bike.  This fall the Bike Shed is usually open on Fridays from 2-4 but  email to make sure.  You can also register for a free bike by clicking here.  We can't guarantee we'll find a bike for you but we'll do our best.

How Can I Participate in the Bike To School (Zap) Program?

To participate, get a Zap tag from Linda in the office.  Simply register your tag and bike to school.  It's that easy.

Where Is the Bike Shop?

The bike shop is in the northeast corner of the Multipurpose room.  Hours fluctuate.

Who Do I Contact with Questions?

Email Rolf at or our student bike coordinator,

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