Mondo Bike Shop



Meet the Shop Rats


Spring Shop Hours:  M-Th 2:30-4:30

The Mondo Bike Shop is a place where students learn and perform supervised bicycle repairs for the Seward school bike fleet and for members of the school community.  Students also learn the basics of running a small bike shop.  They sell bike locks, tubes, fenders and misc. parts at cost.  Repairs and tune-ups are free except for the cost of the parts used to repair the bike.  The shop does accept tips, half of which goes to the student bike mechanic and half goes to shop supplies.

To become a shop mechanic, students must first complete the Level 1 Mechanic certification.  They are then eligible for the Freewheel Internship which is a 6 week program where they work in one of Freewheels shops to learn mechanics, customer service and basic shop operations.  They are strongly encouraged to pursue Level 2 certifications.

If you are interested in becoming a student bike mechanic (Shop Rat), please email or stop by the shop during our hours.

A HUGE thank you to Freewheel who donated $2000 in tools and stands to this shop PLUS a bike mechanic who trains and supervises our students every Thursday. 

George Muller:  U of M Helper

Andrew Amaya

Theo Holdsworth: Shop Manager Mon & Wed

Dinkenesh Kendrick: Shop Manager Tue & Thu

Theo Cornell:  Graphics

Theo Cornell: 

Liam Garner

Joe Reeves: Freewheel Mechanic who 

supervises repairs and teaches every Tuesday

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