​1.  Zapper Doesn't Beep For Me:  There could be several issues:  It may have recognized you but if there are many tags around it might beep just once for several tag reads.  To make sure your ride was logged, we suggest zapping in in the morning and then when you leave in the afternoon.  If you don't get zapped consistently, it is possible that your tag is defective and you might need a new one.  Contact me and we'll get you a new tag.


2.  Once zapped, the Zapper will ignore your tag for 15 minutes.  The system was designed to beep once for every tag so that it wouldn't be constantly beeping if a tagged bike was parked in the zap zone.  Therefore, if you have already been zapped, it won't beep again for you for another 15 minutes.


3.  What Do I Do If My Ride Wasn't Logged?  The easiest way to check if your ride was logged is to login to your account and it will show which days you have ride credit.  IF you are missing a ride(s) email us at bikes@bikesharks.org and we can give you ride credit.


4.  Where Do I Get A Zap Tag?  Bring your helmet to Linda Fish in the office.  She will attach the tag to your helmet.  You will still need to register your tag.  If it's your second tag, email us the tag # at bikes@bikesharks.org)and I will add it to your account.


5.  Removing the Tag From Your Helmet or Bike Will Destroy It:  The tags are tamperproof.  If you remove the tag from a helmet or bike it will no longer work.  If, for example, you get a new helmet, you will need a new tag, you won't be able to transfer the tag to your new helmet.


6.  Can I have More Than One Tag?  Some people have different helmets or different bikes and might need more than one tag.  That is not a problem.  HOWEVER, you can only self-register your first tag.  If you need additional/new tags email me with your new tag number (bikes@bikesharks.org) and I will add it to your account.


7.  Where Can I View This Months Prizes & Ride Stats?  When you setup your account you will have a login and password.  When you login you can view all the stats, leaderboards as well available prizes, etc.


8.  What If I Don't Have an Email Address?  Each account requires a unique and valid email address (two kids can't share an email address).  If you don't have an email address you will have to fill out a manual registration form (can get from Linda) but you will not be able to login to the Seward Zap page and will not receive any emailed communications regarding the program.


9.  If a participating child is younger than 13, they will have to register using a parent's email address.  ALL kids will need their parent's permission to participate in the program.


10.  Prizes:  Prizes are awarded by mileage levels and generally given out at the end of the fall and spring seasons.  Mile Clubs are at 100, 250,500,1000, 1500 and 2000 miles.  Once you reach these mile "clubs" you will receive a patch and at 500 you will get a prize. 


11.  I Don't Have A Bike, Can I Still Participate?  Thanks to our community partners and available grant money, we probably will be able to get a bike for you.  Contact me if you need a bike and/or safety training.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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