Bike Scouts Program

We are training up to 15 middle schoolers to be bike chaperones for the E2 and E1 in-school bike classes.  They'll help teachers manage group rides. 

What parents Need to Know About the Program

Why:  E2 teachers and the E1 Learn To Ride program often have difficulties finding enough adult chaperones for class bike rides.  Trained student Bike Scouts will accompany bike classes decreasing the number of adult chaperones needed.

Bike Scouts will occasionally be asked to miss class in order to accompany younger classes so it's important they are in good academic standing.  This is an optional program and they can sign up to accompany younger classes but are not required to.

Responsibilities:  They will be getting the bikes out of the shed and ready for the classes, helping fit helmets, lower seats, etc.  They will also help make sure the younger students are following safety rules on the trail.  They will also be putting the bikes and helmets away at the end of the rides.

For the Bike Scouts training we will doing urban bike exploring.  They are responsible for their own way home; there is no busing.  We will be back at school by 5:00.  We will be biking on city streets.

Sample Destinations

Minnehaha Park:  11 Miles (round trip)

White Sand Beach:  2 miles

Lake Calhoun: 12 Miles

St. Anthony Falls:  5 Miles

River Bottoms/Bridal Veil Falls:  5 Miles

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