Detailed Information About Seward's Bike To School Program

Biking to school is a great way to start your day.  Studies show that kids who get exercise before school are ready to focus and score better.  Seward Montessori has an automated bike program that rewards kids, parents and teachers for riding their bike to school.


How it works:


The program is super simple.

1)  Get your Zap tag

2)  Register your Zap tag

3) Ride your bike to school and pass by the Zapper.

4)  Win cool prizes and competitions


The Zap Tag and Zapper:  The Zap Tag is an electronic RFID tag that is automatically read by the Zapper when you are within 10'-20' feet of the Zapper.  When it reads your tag, it will beep.    


Get Your Zap Tag:  Bring your helmet to Linda Fish in the office and she will attach an RFID tag to it. For adults she can give you a spoke tag to attach to your bike wheel.


Register Your Tag:  We won't know who the tag belongs to unless you register it.  Registering is easy: go to (this website) click on the "Register" button.  Have a parent fill out your registration and if you are younger than 13, you must use your parents email address to register.  All children must have their parents permission to participate in the program.  Once registered you will have access to your own Zap page.  The Zap page shows you your rides, competition standings, school rides, prizes, etc.


Ride your bike by the Zapper:   Make sure you pass by the Zapper by the bike racks Ride/walk over the green lightening bolts painted to the sidewalk and incline your helmet towards the antenna for best results). When your tag is read, the zapper will beep at you and then upload your ride stats to a webpage where you can check your own ride stats along with the schools totals.




Student Prizes: Any student who bikes at least 8 times per month (twice per week) will be eligible for the 20 monthly prizes which are drawn randomly. The top student rider will get a larger prize. The same student can’t win the top monthly prize more than once per year. Your tag only needs to be zapped once per day to get roundtrip credit.


Parents and Staff Prizes: The top monthly parent and staff rider will get a prize. The same staff/parent rider can’t win the top monthly prize more than once per year.


Annual Prize: The top student, staff and parent rider for the year (based on points) will be recognized and win a bicycle shaped trophy (also works as a cool coat hanger).


How Winners Are Chosen:  The same point system as last year will be used: Every day ridden = 1 point + Every mile = .25 points. For example, a person who lives 1 mile from school would get 1 point for riding to school plus .25 points for each mile (1 mile there, 1 mile back) = 1.5 points for that days riding.  This system is used to reward those who have longer commutes.  There will be somedays that double points are earned.  Those days will be announced.


Bike Program Time-line: We will reward bicyclists in September, October, April and May and not run the program through winter. April 7th and May 30th will be the first and last days of the Spring 2014 program.   September 2nd and October 31st, will be the first and last days of the 2014 fall program.


Biking Fridays and Tagging: We’ll be doing refreshments for bikers the first Friday of every biking month. You can also get tags on these Fridays.


Program Information: You can always check out the Bike Board outside the office for information about the program, prizes, leaders and standings. Also check out this webpage ( You can login to your own Zap page and check your own bike stats and standings. If you have forgotten your password the system can reset it for you.


Bike Equipment & Safety Training: Need a bike, helmet or bike safety training? Contact me or visit the Spokes Bike Center (  Thanks in part to a AAA grant we have money available for safety equipment.


Remaining Anonymous: If you don’t want to appear in the standings list, logon and put in a username only you can recognize. If no username is put in, the system defaults to your real name.

About Seward's Bike Program

Spoke & Helmet Zap Tags

How To Get Zapped

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